Why hire a marketing consultant?

After considering the SEVEN MAIN THINGS a marketing consultant actually does,  executives will still say, "why can't we do this ourselves?"



This appears to be an attractive alternative in that the personnel to do the jobs are already on the payroll. No bills from a consultant! This can work on certain types of projects and in some large firms with their own internal consultants. The fallacy is... it is much cheaper (less expensive) than using an outside firm. The reality is... using company personnel is likely to cost more provided all the hours consumed by the project are logged. Beyond financial considerations,  there   are   other


very  practical  reasons  an outside firm can be the best choice.


Executives, especially owners and presidents, seldom realize the full effect they have upon subordinates. Without knowing it, the wrong words here and there will tilt the results of the project toward what the troops think the executive wants. Good consultants are not affected by internal politics, personal agendas or personalities; they are paid to be thorough and objective. They deliver unpopular news, when necessary, in a tactful and constructive manner.


Company personnel, even if they have the time and inclination, seldom have the diversity of experience to be the most effective importers of marketing knowledge. As a dedicated member of an organization within a certain industry, one's vision, experiences and scope are more focused and limited. As a result, the full range of opportunities (or solutions) are never surfaced, and therefore, not explored.


Marketing consultants with diverse, in-depth experiences, are not bound by conventional company wisdom nor the "rules-of-the-game" within a particular industry.


Consultants are engaged on a project basis. Once they complete the tasks at hand, they are on to the next challenge and off the monthly income statement. It is a clean and efficient arrangement. The project is often completed and paid for in the time it takes an internal effort to be marshaled.


Like other professionals, the best marketing consultants have an innate flair for marketing and the ability to spot opportunities and assess problems that are not readily apparent to others. Anyone can swing a bat and qualify as a ball player, but a few can do it much better than anyone else. They are known as the "BIG LEAGUERS." The same is true of marketers. The best marketing consultants will bring another dimension to the game that will augment and possibly enhance the skills of the company's marketing team.


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