The Greek word STRATEGOS is the root word for STRATEGIC. It literally means the Art of Generals. Revered generals understand the "lie of the land" and the forces arrayed against them. Thousands of lives depend upon their having the right strategy. Marketing is a civilized form of warfare where the stakes can also be very high. Lives are not at stake but dreams, careers and livelihoods are. PCG offers a mix of strategic marketing services designed to help our Client be sure they have the RIGHT VISION, the RIGHT STRATEGY and the RIGHT ACTION plan. It starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the marketplace and the competitive landscape. We refer to this as the "relentless pursuit of marketing truth". This understanding minimizes the risk of devoting precious resources to the attainment of an unrealistic vision and establishes the fact base needed to create the right strategy and determine the right actions.


"THE VERY ESSENCE OF LEADERSHIP IS THAT YOU HAVE A VISION" according to often quoted Theodore Hesburgh. At PCG, we say, "The very essence of leadership is that you have the RIGHT VISION." Provided our Client has THE VISION, this service is designed to test the "rightness" of that vision. It may be your corporate vision, your marketing vision or your new product vision. The stakes are high and accomplishing this task requires unfettered objectivity, combined with marketing savvy and the gathering and application of marketing intelligence. PCG's Seven Ps of Marketing (people, positioning, product, price, promotion, place, prayer) provide the framework for creating the right strategy and crafting the right action plan once marketing truth is defined and THE VISION is deemed to be worthy of pursuit.


"THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO SEE THE POSSIBILITIES BEFORE THEY BECOME OBVIOUS" according to John Scully, former Apple CEO. Our VISION CREATION service is all about helping you do exactly that. It is likely to involve evolutionizing or revolutionizing your industry, your company, your products or your marketing program. It can just as easily be the creation of a new business model which leverages core competencies and operates in a different industry. Regardless, the stakes are high and a clear understanding of the targeted marketplace is imperative along with a willingness to question conventional industry protocol. PCG's Seven Ps of Marketing (people, positioning, product, price, promotion, place, prayer) form the basis for creating the right vision, the right strategy and crafting the right action plan.


FEW COMPANIES have the range of skilled resources to successfully identify, investigate, evaluate and develop significant new business opportunities that are outside their immediate sphere of operations and influence. This service involves taking either a broadly or narrowly defined view of your significant opportunities, researching and quantifying the opportunities and determining which offer the highest likelihood for success based upon your company's unique set of resources, competencies, financial capabilities and mid-long term objectives.


PCG has offered "marketing based" pre-acquisition services since 1988. Beyond the fact finding and reporting typical of due diligence projects, as peerless marketers, we have the business development skills, marketing savvy and industry experience (many cases) to provide "over and above" insights into the candidate's upside potential. In effect, we can create a clear picture of the candidate's current standing in the marketplace and provide an educated VISION of what the candidate could be if the right marketing strategy is put in place and the right actions are taken.


Clients frequently push new products to the prototype stage before the realization occurs that commercialization presents a steep cost incline. This incline may be due to added buildings, equipment, tooling or funding the sales efforts and advertising campaign. It means that hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars must be committed. Our 2nd Opinion Service is the perfect way to gain the benefit of unfettered objectivity and "outside expert" marketing insights before making the launch decision. This service takes internal politics out of the decision-making process as well as the proclivity product champions have for "falling in love" with their creation.


PCG's FLAGSHIP services have always been related to new product development and evaluation. It is the most deceptively complex and consistently underestimated marketing task our Clients encounter. Sustainable success requires that a stepwise but not overly complicated process be in place. Expert project management, objective research, unwavering attention to detail, coordination of resources and a carefully orchestrated launch program must follow to provide the new product line with the best chance for success. There are never any guarantees on new products but true objectivity, expert marketing advice and proper execution can make the difference between a BIG WINNER and a TAX WRITE-OFF.


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