Peachtree Consulting Group was founded by Greg L. Alford in 1986 after a successful seventeen-year career in sales, marketing, and new business development with ClosetMaid, Weyerhaeuser Company, and Masonite Corporation (see BIOGRAPH for additional details). Since 1986, the firm has successfully completed projects in many industries but the focus has been upon the home improvement, home organization and kitchen and bath industries. In addition to single client work, the firm is well known for conducting numerous large-scale, marketing studies that are funded by multiple subscribers.

Raison d' Etre

The firm has a noble "reason for being" that has not changed in twenty-five years. We are in business to provide expert and objective advice to our client companies on marketing based growth strategies that involve new product development, business model evolution, business model creation and the implementation of superior marketing practices. Using our constantly improving set of marketing skills and industry experiences combined with the addition of stellar online and live research services, we now offer a broader array of high stakes strategic marketing and research services to manufacturers, retailers, and private equity firms than we have in the past.

Modus Operandi

All marketing, project planning, consumer research, trade research and reporting activities are directed by PCG personnel. Online research is conducted in-house by PEACHTREE ONLINE. Live product evaluation events are also conducted in-house by PEACHTREE LIVE! Specialized services such as advanced statistical analysis, conjoint studies, website design, product design, graphics design, and prototyping are done in conjunction with client personnel or outside service firms.

Industry Experiences

In addition to our three industries of primary focus, PCG has successfully conducted strategic marketing and research projects in a variety of unrelated industries. These range from office products to auto aftermarket to commercial recycling to gourmet coffee equipment to OEM components. However, the ongoing focus of our practice is upon suppliers and retailers who are directly involved in providing products and services that improve the home environment or are used in the construction of new homes.

Selected Product Group Experiences


In most, but not all cases, specific experience with a product group is not critical to the success of a project. It typically shortens the learning curve and reduces costs but the application of sound marketing practice together with the creation of a reliable fact base are the common elements in bringing projects to a successful conclusion. Regardless, it is often helpful to our prospective clients to understand our diverse product group experiences:


Bins / Containers Exterior Siding / Trim Outdoor Buildings/ Sheds

Cabinet Organizers

Faucets (bath, kitchen) Paints / Sundries
Cabinets (kitchen, bath, laundry) Furniture (custom, RTA) Power Generators
Closet Organizers Garage Organizers Ranges
Cooktops / Wall Ovens Home Office Organizers Refrigerators / Wine Keepers
Outdoor Cooking Systems (all types) Insulation / Sheathing Roofing (all types)
Child Safety Aids Kitchen Organizers Shelving (all types)
Countertop Appliances Kitchen Sinks Shower Systems
Deck Organizers Laundry Organizers Washers / Dryers
Dishwashers Microwave Ovens Ventilation Systems

Just as in military operations, those who understand the "lie of the land" and the forces arrayed against them have a higher likelihood of mounting a successful campaign. However, in many cases, the field intelligence will indicate that the RIGHT STRATEGY is to avoid the battle and minimize losses. As objective advisors, it is incumbent upon us to provide you with an even handed presentation of market reality. Critical GO/NO GO decisions are then made by you based upon that reality.


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